Apple to “just” update Apple TV software next week?

AllThingsD is reporting that there are no plans to unveil new Apple TV hardware next week.

Despite speculation about new Apple TV hardware on the way, Apple won’t be unveiling any new boxes next week, according to people familiar with the company’s plans.

I still think it depends on what you call “new” hardware, so I still wouldn’t be surprised if we see a new “version” of the Apple TV with upgraded CPU and memory.

First the hardware has to improve – then the apps can come.

via Apple Won’t Change Apple TV Box Will Upgrade Software Gabe Rivera – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD.

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Could the next Apple TV be an iPod Touch?

Ben Thompson makes some interesting points in this article on the Apple TV SDK. In the article, one of the reasons he gives for why he doesn’t think an Apple TV SDK is imminent is:



There are two big limitations with the current Apple TV hardware:

  • There is only 8GB of memory on board, which doesn’t leave much space to store apps
  • The SoC is a single-core A5

As I posted this morning, it does seem possible that a new Apple TV is poised to enter the market on Tuesday. So let’s take a look at .. the iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch currently has a Dual Core A5 chip (so still an A5 but dual-core instead of single-core currently in the Apple TV) and the smallest version comes with 16 GB (instead of the 8 GB currently in the Apple TV). All in all though, not too much of a difference to be completely impossible. Also note that the smallest iPod Touch costs  $229.

So where does that leave us – well, let’s say Apple adds the dual-core A5, ups the memory to 16 GB and adds iOS 7 (for app compatibility). This new version of the AppleTV could then also run apps from the app store. More on that below.

This combination could then be offered in a “AppleTV+” package for say $169. The smaller Apple TV will still be available for $99. Essentially creating a new Apple TV chain of products. But still a “hobby”.

Now, one problem, currently there are absolutely no signs of a publicly available Apple TV SDK or even a version of the iPhone SDK that will allow app development for the new Apple TV.

And that is interesting. After all there have been several apps created over the last few weeks and added to the current Apple TV. And these apps were – in  cases such as HBO – created in-house. So there must be something – but it hasn’t leaked yetNot that actually having the SDK would help, as there is no way to currently submit apps for the Apple TV.

Even if Apple is planning to open up the Apple TV for apps, this is not something they are likely to announce Tuesday – unless they have signed up some big names to write apps in advance and want to attract other developers later. Anyway, I don’t think that will happen.


The first step is more likely to be the announcement of a major hardware upgrade (as above) as this will then also make it easier for Apple themselves to get more apps onto the device and they may then also introduce more iOS 7 features. We won’t see a publicly available SDK until WWDC next year though. At the earliest.

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New version of Apple TV likely on its way for a September 10 launch

Shipping reports seem to indicate that a new or upgraded version of the Apple TV could be unveiled at Apple’s September 10 event.


I really think this is going to happen and we are likely to see some enhanced functionality make its way onto the device. The time is just right for Apple to add some gameplay functionality for example (in advance of the XBox One and PS4 releases).

New version of Apple TV likely on its way for a September 10 launch — Tech News and Analysis.

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Unitymedia lüftet das Geheimnis um Horizon

Unitymedia hat zum ersten Mal mehr Details über Horizon bekanntgegeben.

Kernstück von Horizon ist der HD-Recorder, der Router, Modem und Telefonanschluss ersetzen soll. Es handelt es sich um die Kombination eines Digital-Receivers für den Fernsehempfang mit integrierter Recorder-Funktion plus Kabelmodem für Internet und Telefon mit integriertem WLAN-Router. Zur Verfügung steht darüber hinaus eine zweiseitige Fernbedienung – die auf der Rückseite der klassischen TV-Steuerung eine Tastatur besitzt, mit der beispielsweise Sucheingaben leichter von der Hand gehen sollen.

Eingebaut sind eine 500-GB-Festplatte und insgesamt sechs HDTV-Tuner, die  einerseits vier gleichzeitige Aufnahmen, andererseits aber auch deutlich schnelleres Umschalten ermöglichen soll.

Zusätzlich sollen auch Apps installierbar sein.

via – Unitymedia lüftet das Geheimnis um Horizon.

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MyVideo künftig auf Smart-TVs von LG vertreten

Auf allen neuen LG Smart-TVs wird die von ProSiebenSat1 betriebene Video-Community MyVideo vorinstalliert. Auf allen – seit 2011 produzierten – Smart-TV-Geräten von LG kann die App nachinstalliert werden.

MyVideo bietet bislang bereits Apps für Smartphones und Tablets, die Vereinbarung mit LG ist der erste Gang auf den großen Bildschirm.

via – MyVideo künftig auf Smart-TVs von LG vertreten.

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How to customize, remove apps from the Apple TV home screen

Good tip.

If you go to Settings > General > Parental Controls and scroll down, every built-in app is listed. Click each one to toggle whether it is shown or hidden

via Finer Things in Tech » How to customize, remove apps from the Apple TV home screen.

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Disney Working on Star Wars App for Apple TV?

The whole “apps on Apple TV” thing has certainly got some traction over the past week or so. JediNews (yes, really) now reports that Disney is rumored to be working on a Star Wars App for the Apple TV.

A Disney branded app for Star Wars will launch on Apple TV devices, with plans to distribute the final Clone Wars episodes exclusively digitally only through the Apple TV device for a limited period of time. This will happen in this holiday season.

Maybe, just maybe, the news is increasing ahead of an Apple TV update? Say for example during the rumored September 10 event?

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Apple TV update breaks PlexConnect Client

The latest Apple TV update breaks the PlexConnect client that allowed Plex to run on non-jailbroken Apple TVs.

Plex CTO Elan Feingold told MacRumors that the company was “saddened to hear that PlexConnect stopped working” and that “we can only hope that in the future Apple decides to release an SDK for the ATV”. “The level of interest in the project was quite high.”

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Almost 50% of TV viewing to be app-based by 2020

The Diffusion Group (via RapidTVNews) is forecasting that by 2020, half of all video viewing will be happening outside of what we today call “broadcast TV”.

Based on the described scenario it is easy to imagine a “TV app store” where you go to purchase your channels (apps) and then they are downloaded onto your device (such as the infamous Apple TV set or a different type of set-top box).

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ZDF überarbeitet Mediathek-App

Die Mediathek-App “Ihres Z-D-Fs” (sorry Dieter) ist überarbeitet worden. Die App bietet nun – laut DWDL – auch eine “Sendung verpasst” Funkion, Live-Streams aller ZDF-Sender und eine Airplay-Funktion. Anscheinend starten die Videos nun auch schneller als bisher.

Wann sehen wir die erste “Mediathek-App” auf dem Apple TV? Nie? Ich vermute es wird noch einige Zeit dauern. Apple wird es schwer fallen “lokale” Angebote auf ihrer Plattform anzubieten. Hier müssen wir vermutlich warten bis es wirklich mal eine Freigabe der Plattform gibt.

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